Hello world!

Hello everyone.  At long last I’ve decided to start chronicling my thoughts as a person seeking to reconcile my disbelief in mormon mysticism with the the parts of mormonism i don’t want to leave behind.

i’m only a sentence into blogging, and i already have careened into incoherence.

i’m employed full time in advertising and am married with three kids, so don’t expect anything too insightful from me.  just random tidbits every now and again. and the occasional rant after i get back from a particularly trying sacrament meeting.  just an aside, a few weeks ago we had a “patriotic” themed sacrament meeting which devolved into glenn beck talking points. our freedoms are being taken away, etc. it was really bad.

i’d also like to use this blog as a linkback as i start to participate and comment on other mormon blogs.  i’d like to maintain my anonymity at this point, as i still have believing family members who would feel hurt if i was openly criticizing the church like this.  they know how i feel, at this point they’d just prefer i keep these feelings to myself.  another aside, has anyone else found that “coming out” as a skeptic has similarities to the coming out as lesbian/gay? guilt, shame, awkward conversation at family parties. i feel like i have an unspoken bond with my gay brothers and sisters.

well, that’s if for today.  more soon. i’ll try to make this thing look pretty, but i’m pretty lazy.  if you comment i’ll try to comment back but i’m not making any promises.


About unorthodox

i live in LA, work in advertising and am the father of three kids. i'm don't belong to a political party, but i have left-leaning political views. i love the beach, loud music and video games. i grew up mormon, but haven't been a believer for the past 6 or so years. i love what the church has done for my life, and am concerned about what the church is becoming.
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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Peter Boling says:

    There are similarities of the two ‘coming outs’ I think. I also recently came out as Atheist in a completely Mormon family. I hope there are millions more who will soon join us! I also still have to go to church because my wife is still a believer. 😦

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