mormon doctrine and make believe

mormon doctrine and make believe

a little boy invents his very own afterlife

my kids play make believe all the time. they play princess, they play pirates, they play jedi knights. it’s fantastic.

sometimes i overhear my kids arguing during their make believe play:

daughter 1: i want to marry the prince!
daughter 2: NO I want to marry the prince! if i don’t get to marry the prince, i’m not playing.

on occasion i’ll intervene and attempt to reason with them (if any of you are fathers of girls, you’ll know this is a mistake):

me: girls, you’re playing pretend. can’t you imagine that there are two princes, and you can each marry one?

daughter 1: NO DADDY. i want to marry the prince, or I’M NOT PLAYING.
daughter 2: *incomprehensible sobbing*

i see striking similarities when i hear mormons of all stripes discussing doctrinal points.

mormon 1: i don’t believe in the mormon stance on gay marriage, but i think the concept of eternal families is really beautiful. i also like the teaching that there is no hell.
mormon 2: LDS prophets teach that marriage is between a man and a woman. the prophet has spoken, and you can’t practice a la cart mormonism.
mormon 1: i’m being intellectually stifled. i’m going home.
mormon 2: i know the church is true. *incomprehensible sobbing*

bear in mind that this doctrinal conversation was made possible by a man who apparently received the text of a book of mormon through a vision he witnessed at the bottom of a top hat.

to me there is very little difference between my daughter’s playtime arguments and mormon doctrinal disagreements. the basic dynamic is the same, we just get louder and more emotional as we get older.

and it all boils down to who is controlling the fantasy.


About unorthodox

i live in LA, work in advertising and am the father of three kids. i'm don't belong to a political party, but i have left-leaning political views. i love the beach, loud music and video games. i grew up mormon, but haven't been a believer for the past 6 or so years. i love what the church has done for my life, and am concerned about what the church is becoming.
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