i stopped wearing my garments today

there’s really nothing else to say about this, other than what i’ve put in the title. for some reason i felt like documenting it.

i stopped believing about six years ago. despite my disbelief, i kept wearing my garments. i really have no idea why that is. habit i suppose.

but this weekend i finally took the step and purchased regular person underwear. it was a really weird experience, as i haven’t bought underwear in a department store since i was 18. the clerk probably thought i was some kind of pervert, since i was hovering around that area looking at the different varieties for an inordinate amount of time. to make matters worse, i got pretty nervous when he came over and asked if i needed help. i was probably being hypersensitive, but i don’t do well in situations where i feel out of place. that’s one thing you believing mormons got going for you – there is very little underwear variety, making it a lot easier to make a decision.

so i finally left with boxer briefs and symbol-free undershirts. last night i spent my first night shirtless since i was 18. it was everything i hoped and more.

the wife has been surprisingly supportive of all this. i think one of the main reasons is because i’ve been taking it slow. it’s been almost a year since i expressed my disbelief to her, and in retrospect i’m glad i didn’t immediately stop going through the motions. that might have driven her away from me for good. but having waited a while before officially casting aside the magic underpants, she was surprisingly OK with it.

thus far, everything’s going well. i’m happier and more comfortable with myself than ever.


About unorthodox

i live in LA, work in advertising and am the father of three kids. i'm don't belong to a political party, but i have left-leaning political views. i love the beach, loud music and video games. i grew up mormon, but haven't been a believer for the past 6 or so years. i love what the church has done for my life, and am concerned about what the church is becoming.
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4 Responses to i stopped wearing my garments today

  1. KMW says:

    I wore mine for a while after I realized I didn’t believe anymore. Only for a few months though. It was weird because I was so used to them, even though I’d only worn them for about 6 years. I think it was weird because I’d gotten used to not having a choice (as in colors and styles) so I didn’t have to think about it. All my garments were exactly the same.

    I did briefly wonder if I would be struck down or if something bad would happen to me. Interesting how difficult it was to free myself from the feelings/emotions of superstittion even though rationally I could say I knew it was hokey and that I was choosing the rational choice by following evidence.

    • unorthodox says:

      indeed! i wasn’t so much worried about being struck down as i was about having to pick out underwear again. it was seriously an awkward/strange experience, especially after i realized mid-way through the purchase that i had selected the wrong size. but i’ve made it through most of the day without bursting into flames, so that’s good!

  2. Alright!!! Now you can go pick up a pair with the Burger King logo and “Home of the Whopper” across the front.

  3. Christina says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever go to the temple. I don’t want to have to wear the garments!

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