boyd k. packer: old man, hypocrite or asshole?

boyd k. packer

so boyd k. packer gave an inflammatory talk at the last general conference in which he said that gay people are dirty, unnatural and should feel unending shame.

here’s my favorite quote. When making his point that homosexuality is not “inborn” he remarked, “Why would our heavenly father do that to anyone? Remember, he is our father.”

The funny thing is, this seems to go against something he said in his October 1993 address “For Time and All Eternity“:

There are what President J. Reuben Clark, Jr., called “pranks” of nature, which cause a variety of abnormalities, deficiencies, and deformities. However unfair they seem to man’s way of reasoning, they somehow suit the purposes of the Lord in the proving of mankind.

So according to elder packer, god loves us enough to give us deformities and other mental and physical handicaps, but he would never EVER make us gay. that would just be cruel.

so does elder packer really believe this? or did he contradict himself? is he just an old man who forgot what spoke about in conference 17 years ago? or is he a vile hypocrite?

or is he just a plain old gay-hating asshole?


About unorthodox

i live in LA, work in advertising and am the father of three kids. i'm don't belong to a political party, but i have left-leaning political views. i love the beach, loud music and video games. i grew up mormon, but haven't been a believer for the past 6 or so years. i love what the church has done for my life, and am concerned about what the church is becoming.
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8 Responses to boyd k. packer: old man, hypocrite or asshole?

  1. kmw says:

    Packer has been ranting against gays (and intellectuals) for close to 30 years now. Back in the early 80s he gave an infamous talk about how he considered gays and intellectuals to be the biggest threats to his church. Going by basic psychology principles, it appears his hateful obsession would reveal him to have some repressed homosexual tendencies. And I honestly don’t think he wants people to use their brains for anything more than bowing their heads and saying “Yes sir. Whatever you say/want sir.”

    There have been other GAs that have spoken in conferences over the past 10 years as seeming to acknowledge that homosexuality is indeed biological in some way but not something that their god approves acting upon. It was some type of special test for the “afflicted” individuals, according to them. So Packer is not only contradicting himself, but other supposed prophets as well. Apparently their god either can’t make up his mind or can’t be bothered to use his supposed living prophets to actually say something clear and concrete on this matter and they are all just speaking their own opinions. If there was any actual revelation going on, all the messages should be consistent.

  2. Sophocles says:

    I was honestly surprised to hear that Packer was going back to the “To Young Men Only” well. I thought that ship had sailed.

    As the OP mentions, most of the rest of the leadership has admitted that homosexual tendencies may be innate. For a while now they have focused on the behavior, not the urge. It’s still condescending, but it’s a step in the right direction.

    And I remember seeing Packer on the PBS Frontline special on the Mormons, and I remember thinking that he was quite moderate compared to bigoted and anti-intellectual quotes he is known for. The interviewer quoted him on some subject (I don’t remember if it was on gays, feminists, or what) but Packer really tried to distance himself from it. He said that he didn’t remember saying that–though he must have–but that he wouldn’t say that he feels the same way now. (I wish I could cite the interview but it doesn’t seem to be included among the others at

    Several examples like this seem to indicate that Packer was becoming more moderate in his old age. The same thing happened with Ezra Benson, so I wasn’t surprised. But for him to go back to such an ignorant position belies all that progress.

    I’ve noticed that Packer’s famous 1976 talk (the one that became the pamphlet “To Young Men Only”) has been scrubbed from the online conference report. Clearly that talk doesn’t jibe with the new kinder, gentler stance toward gays. Maybe Packer was upset about that, and this is his way of getting revenge.

  3. Elder Packer is correct and inspired to take the bold stances he has taken against homosexual behavior and intellectual pride. In a world inundated with politically liberal, leftist mindsets that are direct extensions of the Luciferian agenda that pre-dates Earth, we need more outspoken spiritual warriors like Elder Packer to say what needs to be said.

    As for Intellectual pride, Elder packer is also correct. Intellectuals are among the most prideful and arrogant of all people. They are slow to obey God and quick to deny the truth, quick to look to the secular world and adopt the popular, “educated” view.

    I have lost a friend of 30 years, and may be losing a dear brother as I am typing this. All because of intellectual pride.

    Why is it so hard to accept the prophets and apostles as the standard of measurement against which all other learning is measured? So many of us do it backwards and assume the secular world is the standard of truth. It is not, and never has been.

    I have more to say on these matters than can be said here. Please visit my links at

  4. David Olsen says:

    He’s just a plain, old gay-hating asshole.

  5. Secular Humanist says:

    It could be that Boyd’s pants were too tight, or maybe because his head wasn’t screwed on just right, but I think the most likely reason of all was the location of outer darkness: in Packer’s asshole.

  6. renegademstr says:

    Hey buddy,

    I’m in a similar situation where my wife is a Mormon convert and she is trying to make me join. However I find a it difficult to swallow their verbal trash on what they call their gospel. I have been reading the bible kjv for 6 months almost and have experienced the holy spirit and believe I am saved. I am a bible believer and reading through your post I can relate and confirm that she behaves just the way you describe. She has threatened me with divorce, tells me I am wrong and that it’s my own interpretation. They have a prophet so what they say goes. She flies off the handle at me and accuses me of being unfaithful as well, tells me to start being a man like the men at her church, I also attend church to handle the kids and I too observe their filthy self praises. I’m at a loss! Tonight she just got mad at me cussing and throwing stuff around and just left, told me that from now on I’m looking after the kids on my own…so no work for me tomorrow 😦 she is completely lost to that cult. You are right, they love that church more than God and their own family.

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