hi, i’m another unorthodox mormon who’s taken to the internet as a cheap form of therapy.  i live in LA and work in advertising. i have three kids and a beautiful wife. i love the beach, loud music, video games and food/drink. i was a faithful mormon until about 2004. i continued to attend until 2008 when prop 8 made me reconsider my relationship with the church. but i feel like leaving the church entirely would be like giving up. i continue to attend in hopes that some day it might change. naive? probably.


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  1. Christina says:

    I was inactive during the time of Prop 8 and did not know of the church’s involvement with it, until I recently came back earlier this year. I don’t agree with combining politics with religion, but for some reason can’t leave the church. Just like blacks weren’t allowed the priesthood and now can, I hope that some day they will change their view on gays. Maybe I am naive, too. So you are far from being alone in your view.

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