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Open Letter Elder Uchtdorf: Thanks, But No Thanks

Hi Elder Uchtdorf and/or the LDS Church Public Affairs Officer who scans the Internet for this type of thing, I’m a former Mormon.  People inside and outside the church may have other classifications for people like me – disaffected Mormon, … Continue reading

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I laughed at a man in fast and testimony meeting

So from time to time I attend sacrament meeting with my wife to help her wrangle the kids. Generally I’ll pass the time playing iPad games with my son, and occasionally I’ll perk up if someone says something interesting. Yesterday … Continue reading

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How I learned to stop hating General Conference

You guys, I just had an epiphany and I wanted to share it with people I haven’t met on the Internet. Until about five minutes ago, the first Sunday of April and October were weekends to be dreaded. I hate … Continue reading

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Priesthood = Penis

In a moment, it all became so clear. The priesthood is a euphemism for penis in Mormon culture. How did I not realize this years ago? I had this epiphany while I was attending my daughter’s baptism. Because I don’t … Continue reading

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boyd k. packer: old man, hypocrite or asshole?

so boyd k. packer gave an inflammatory talk at the last general conference in which he said that gay people are dirty, unnatural and should feel unending shame. here’s my favorite quote. When making his point that homosexuality is not … Continue reading

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Blogging from church vol. 2

We went out to dinner with friends last night, and I drank a little too much chimay. Today I decided to attend elders quorum for the first time in about 6 months, and I’m slightly hungover. They really need to … Continue reading

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why i complain about mormonism anonymously

i’ve gotten a couple of messages asking why i blog anonymously. the reason is pretty simple – i remember what it was like to be a believing mormon and how painful it was to have my faith challenged. as much … Continue reading

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